Support System

  • Pre-sales Support It starts from the beginning. Before we start the first project we're ready to help with documentation.
  • Technical Support Direct call, conference, desktop share, what ever it takes to find a solution.
  • Knowledge Base Support Review a existing list of solutions and options.
  • Partner Support Do your partners need help understanding the process? We can help make sure they get all the required information to make the project a success.

Most issues resolved in 1 Business Day

Server Questions

  • What's the setup time
    - Typically a day or less
  • Do I have to manage it
    - No, we manage everything
  • Can I have access to the server
    - Deluxe Hosting - No, we manage everything
    - Ultimate Hosting - Yes, we still manage it but you can have access

Software Questions

  • What type of website can the software work with
    - It can export any text based HTML information
  • Do you export from PDF or images
    - No - we can get links to PDF and image files but we do not convert them
  • Does the page have to be HTML
    - No - we can export any text (RSS, Partner API, etc...)

Project Questions

  • What's do you need to get started
    - It's best to send us a link to the site (or a page in the site) that you want to export from.
  • Do I need to document the project
    - No, we'll create a project plan. If you have one we'll look it over.
  • How is the data delivered
    - Download - You can download from your customer portal
    - Email - We can email the data (if it's not to large)
    - FTP - Our system can send the data directly to your server